1. Validity of Terms and Conditions
    1.1 Terms and Conditions regulate the sales of goods and services between a buyer (hereinafter Consumer) in the webshop wheelmarket.eu and the company Freimland OÜ (hereinafter webshop wheelmarket.eu).
    1.2 In addition to these Terms and Conditions, any legal relations emerging from the sale of goods in webshop wheelmarket.eu are regulated by Law of Obligations Act (hereinafter LOA), Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter CPA) and other legislation valid in the Republic of Estonia.
    1.3 Webshop wheelmarket.eu reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions. Updated Terms and Conditions are available in webshop wheelmarket.eu.
  2. Price information
    2.1 All prices displayed with products in webshop wheelmarket.eu include 20% VAT.
    As an exception, it is additionally possible for eligible Consumers to make tax-free purchases, e.g 1) companies registered in the European Union outside Estonia, by activating upon checkout the option tax-free and entering their VAT registration number in the respective appearing field; or 2) other Consumers with a legal right to make tax-free purchases in Estonian webshops, by entering information proving such legal right in the respective appearing field.
    In such cases, upon entering necessary information, prices in the shopping basket are re-calculated and it becomes possible to proceed with the purchase without VAT (however, please note that such information is manually reviewed by the administrator to verify its accuracy and thereby the legality of a tax-free transaction. In case of any discrepancy, information will be re-checked with the buyer. Should it turn out there is no legal basis for a tax-free purchase, the transaction will be refused.
    2.2 Extra shipping costs apply and are automatically calculated depending on the shipping method selected by the Consumer. The price of paid shipping includes VAT (except in the case of the tax-free exception described in article 2.1 of these Terms and Conditions, according to the terms described in the aforementioned article).
    2.3 Prices are valid from the time of submitting an order until the payment deadline of the order confirmation (7 days). Discount prices are valid until special offer items are available from the manufacturer and such availability is subject to change.
    2.4 If any order is submitted before a change in Terms and Conditions or prices, such Terms and Conditions apply as were valid during the time of the order submission.
    2.5 Webshop wheelmarket.eu reserves the right to make changes in product prices. Updated prices are displayed in the webshop wheelmarket.eu.
  3. Sales contract enactment
    3.1 A valid sales contract commits webshop wheelmarket.eu to deliver to the Consumer goods that either exist, will be produced or will be acquired in the future by webshop wheelmarket.eu and to make it possible to transfer ownership to the Consumer; the Consumer commits to pay the shown order/invoice sum to webshop wheelmarket.eu and to accept the ordered goods.
    3.2 Orders that have not been paid for will be cancelled 10 days after their initial submission.
    3.3 Sales contract comes into force when the Consumer has paid for the order, the payment has arrived in the bank account of webshop wheelmarket.eu and after which a manual confirmation has been sent to the Consumer regarding the receipt of payment, availability of ordered goods and estimated time of delivery.
  4. Delivery
    4.1 Transportation costs depend on the quantity, dimensions, destination and method of transportation and are calculated in the shopping basket automatically.
    4.2 Free shipping applies for Estonian adresses, if at least 4 car wheels are bought per order.
    4.3 Transportation into countries other than Estonia depends on the destination country, shipment weight and size. Should the shipping costs for a destination not be automatically calculated in the shopping basket, the transportation costs will be clarified by e-mail.
    4.4 After sales contract comes into force, the webshop wheelmarket.eu will compile the order according to availability of goods ordered and forward it to its logistics partners.
    4.5 After order submission by the Consumer, the administrator of webshop wheelmarket.eu will confirm availibility and when possible, estimated time of delivery.
    Please consider a waiting time, because many products are special orders – such products are either manufactured completely or partly processed only after the order is made based on options selected by the Consumer, so the exact time of delivery will depend on each case.
    4.6 In order to decrease possible delivery delay, the Consumer should be carefuly to enter the correct and true delivery address information when submitting an order.
    4.7 Webshop wheelmarket.ee is not responsible for delayed delivery, if the delay is due to reasons that webshop wheelmarket.eu could not affect or foresee, for example problems with logistics partners.
  5. Return policy
    5.1 Consumers have a legal right to withdraw from a contract made in a webshop during 14 days after receipt of all ordered products. In order to use this right and to return the products, a return of products application should be sent during 14 days after receipt of all ordered products by e-mail to info@wheelmarket.eu.
    NB: according to law, this return right is not valid for customised products based on Consumer options (such as wheels sold in webshop wheelmarket.eu), so if you are interested in wheels we ask that you please make sure before submitting an order that the ordered product is exactly what the Consumer wants and needs in order to avoid discontent.
    5.2 Returned products need to be unopened, unused, with original tags and in original packaging.
    5.3 In case of a promotional offer for a group of products,  the whole group of products should be returned as ordered.
    5.4 When the condition of returned products has been degraded, the Consumer is only liable for the decrease in product value when the product has been used in any other way than is minimally necessary to understand its nature, properties and functionality. In order to understand a product’s nature, properties and functionality, a Consumer should only handle and use the product in such a way as would normally be allowed in a retail store.
    5.5 During 14 days after submission of application of return, the Consumer should return the goods or provide proof that the returned products have been handed over to a logistics company during this period.
    5.6 Costs related to return of goods are carried fully by the Consumer, except in the case of small items having been sent to the Consumer for free via automated parcel terminal Itella Smartpost in Estonia.
    5.7 The Consumer is not obligated to return goods using a logistics company, if the webshop wheelmarket.eu has agreed to pick up the goods.
    5.8 As soon as possible but no later than 14 days from receipt of application of return, webshop wheelmarket.eu will return all funds received from Consumer based on the sales contract including transportation costs, except when the Consumer has explicitly chosen to use a mode of transportation that is different from the cheapest available mode of transportation, in which case the webshop wheelmarket.eu is not obligated to return transportation costs that exceed the threshold of normal mode of transportation costs to the destination.
    5.9 The money is returned to the same bank account that the money arrived to the bank account of webshop wheelmarket.eu. If the Consumer used another payment option (credit card, Paypal etc) with which returning the money would bring extra costs to the Consumer (as prohibited by law), the Consumer will be asked for a bank account number to return the money to.
  6. Force majeure
    6.1 Webshop wheelmarket.eu is not responsible for Consumer losses or delivery delay, if the losses or deliveru delays are due to reasons that webshop wheelmarket.eu could not affect or foresse.
  7. Complaint submission
    7.1 Webshop wheelmarket.eu is not responsible for disadvantages of the product if the fault lies on the Consumer, such as issues caused by incorrect storage or use of the products.
    7.2 If it appears a product is faulty, please stop using the product.
    7.3 If a product seems inadequate or faulty, the Consumer has the righ to turn to webshop wheelmarket.eu with the order confirmation or sales invoices that was used to pay for the order.
    7.4 In case of an inadequate or  faulty products, please submit a complaint by e-mail to info@wheelmarket.eu with the name of the person, phone number, order number and the exact description of the inadequacy or fault of the product.
    7.5 All complaints will be processed and the Consumer contacted as soon as possible, but not later than 14 days from receipt of the complaint.
    7.6 If it appears the Consumer has a right for a replacement product, but no replacements are available, the Consumer has the right to ask for a partial refund or to ask to end the agreement and return the goods.
  8. Other conditions
    8.1 All images displayed with products are there for illustrative purposes only. The Consumer does not have the right to return goods because the images displayed with products did not look exactly as the products received, when in other regards such as quantity and features it is as ordered.
    8.2 All suitability information displayed with products is for illustrative purposes only and may not be complete, actual fitment should be clarified according to technical specifications before making an order.
    8.3 All product descriptions, images and other data in webshop wheelmarket.eu is copyrighted and its copying or usage in any way is forbidden without prior consent from the webshop owner.